Monday, May 19, 2008


Okay.......I tried again and I am not able to download my pics onto blogger! It is irritating me.........I will have to figure out why it is doing this!
Anyway....since I can't show pics right now I will atleast type a little.

Eli is gettting so big! He is almost 3 months (12 weeks today!). I haven't had him weighed in a little while, but I am pretty sure he is almost or is 15 pounds and is probably about 25 inches by now!!! He is responding so much to interaction, it is so fun! He smiles a lot and is now discovering that he has a voice! There are little blonde hairs that are starting to grow within his dark hair. I was born with a lot of dark hair just like him and by the time I was 1 it was completely blonde....I am assuming he will probably be the same way. He hasen't tried to roll over yet, but he loves to lay on his back and kick his legs! He is very strong! He holds his head up like a pro and will sit and stand by holding him with just a little support. He still spits up a ton, but the doctor said not to worry about it too much since he gaining weight just fine, it's not projectile, and he doesn't get real fussy before, after, or when he does it.
Kambria still loves being a big sister! She always wants to see him and give him kisses on the head and cheek. She loves to play pattycake with his feet, it is so cute! :) She is growing like a weed too! Just the other day I was watching two 2 year old girls, when Kambria came home from staying the night at Grandma K's she just seemed so tall to me. It was weired that I was just noticing how tall she was at that moment. She loves to play in the back yard on her swing set and is so excited that it is finally getting warm out. We are trying to teach her how to peddle her tricycle and her bike, but that has been a little slow going. Just as most little girls do, she loves to pick flowers! She got in trouble a couple times for picking the tulips, but we let her pick all the dandylions she wants out of the back yard and our neighbors front yard! She likes to pick one for her and at least one for everyone that is around or in the house at that moment! :)
Jon and I are doing pretty well. Things have been pretty stressful financially. We are trying to figure out if I should go back to work, or if we should try to get a paper route and for me to try and watch more kids. I love staying home, but I am almost wondering if I should sacrafice 1 year to work and get us caught up on bills and get a savings in order. As for the second idea.... the paper route would be 7 days a week, we would load up the kids early in the morning and let them sleep in the car while we deliver the papers. We don't know when exactly it will be, but when Jon's sister moves up here from California I will be able to watch my neice and hopefully another little girl that I watch sometimes when her mom gets another job. Between those things we might be able to make it work, but we don't know how soon they will all happen. Stress is so fun!!!! :( Even through the stress though, we feel so blessed!!! We have eachother as a family, a home, and a great support system with all our family and friends!
Well, that update was longer than I planned, but at least it is a new post! Hopefully I will be able to download pics soon!!!!! Love you all!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Post??????

I tried a couple times to do a new post with pictures, but the internet just freezes when I try to download pics and also when I was trying to leave a comment on Linda's blog. I will try and do another post later with pics. Sorry it has been a few weeks!