Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Weekend ~ an eventful and picture-full one!

Well at least Saturday was a beautiful day....Sunday....not so much! I know that I'm not the only one ready for Spring to really show up!!! Because Saturday was a beatiful day, Brandon brought Kaden over so we could take him and Kambria to an Easter egg hunt. Jon ended up being done with work early so he met up with us too. Here is Eli all snuggled up against me in the carrier pack......he's so cute! "I will call him squishy, and he will be mine, he will be my squishy." (Finding Nemo)After the Hunt Brandon decided to go ride his bike so we took Kambria and Kaden to the park to try out her Kambria's new Elmo kite......it turned out to just be worth the $1.oo we paid for it, but it was fun watching them run after it and the most important thing was they had fun with it!! :)That night we had Adrianna's 18th birthday party (Jon's "kid" sister). It was a lot of fun and was a big surprise for her!!! :) Here are some pics from the party........ Adrianna dancing with her Grandpa

.....dancing with her Dad

Kambria having fun dancing with Adie's friends

.........Adie is dancing with all the boys in her life...now the newest...Eli!
Jon and I finally having our dance at the end! (he was the dj)
Kambria's idea of helping to clean up was stuffing the easter basket grass from the tables in her pocket..........

.....and hitching a ride on the big vacuum....along with Madeleine! :)

And here is Eli just ready to go home and go to bed after a fun night of partying!

.............................and now to Easter morning..................

Here is Kambria finding her basket that the Easter bunny has left her

The Easter bunny also hid eggs filled with candy in our front yard, Kambria had fun looking for them!!

After church and to end our eventful weekend, we went to my parent's house for dinner and to celebrate Brandon's birthday.

GO COUGS!!!!!!

We are excited that the WSU Cougars are going to the sweet 16! Here are some recent cute pics of Kambria, Eli, and Jon too sportn' coug spirit! :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

More pics of Eli!

Here are new pics of our little Eli!

Yeah! We quickly figured out how he likes to sleep! If we swadle him in a blanket and lay him in his boppy he sleeps anywhere from 4 to 6 hours!!! So nice for Mommy!!!
Here is his first church outfit! :) I think he looks pretty cute, even though the outfit is a little big.

Cute boy with his cute big sister!!!

Chilln' with Daddy!
One of Eli's least favorite things is gettting buckled into his carrier....here he is making his little mad faces~ :)

Being a big sister is hard work! Kambria zonked out!!!

Kambria's motorcycle ride!

Kambria is usually scared of her Grandpa K's and Uncle Brandon's motorcycles. So when Brandon asked her if she wanted a ride on the little dirtbike (used to be Micah's and now Kaden thinks its his) I totally thought she would instantly say "NO"......but much to my mom's and my surprise she said "yeah!" So here are some pics of her first motorcycle ride......

She had a BLAST! She was laughing the whole time!

Here are a couple pics that I took before her adventurous ride when my mom sat her on the four wheeler~

And here is Kaden sitting and watching Kambria after his fun ride!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Waiting for more pics???

For those of you who have been waiting for me to post more pics......I will be soon. I don't know what happened to our usb cable for our digital camera. Every time I want to post pics I have to go make a disk. I will be doing it soon so stay tuned! :) I will also be getting professional pics done of him soon too, as soon as my cousin Misty feels better. (I hope you gain your health and strength back soon Misty, not just so I can get Eli's pics done but for your own sanity too!)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

First Pics of Eli Jonathan!!!!

Here are some pics finally!!!

Here he is, we think he is pretty cute!!!

This is a pic of me holding Eli.....he sure is cute.....but me not so much!

And here is Daddy and Eli......he was such a great coach and he is a great and proud Daddy too!

My Mom was also there and was an amazing support! She loves being a Grandma and is very excited to have another addition!

Kambria got to see Eli later that night, she was so excited! She loves being a big sister!

Here is his first bath...he didn't like it very much. The nurse washing him up is Carrie......she was so awesome!!!!

Here he is all stretched out.....he was 21 3/4 inches long!

And here we are spending our first night at home a couple days later.

My Cute Boy!!!!!!