Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kambria started Dance classes!

We have been wanting to get Kambria into dance classes and finally did it starting in September! :) She is taking a tap/ballet combo class at Julies Competitive Edge. I grew up taking Dance classes and Julie used to be one of my teachers. So when I found out she had her own studio I knew where I wanted to take Kambria.
Kambria has been wanting tap shoes for the last couple years, so when she got them for her birthday and I told her she was going to start dance she was so excited!!!

Here she is on her first day, both in her tap shoes and her ballet shoes~

Eli loves watching! He even tries doing the steps sometimes. :)

They start off with tap and then change to their ballet slippers for the last 15 minutes of the class.

I am so excited for her to be in dance! A new and fun thing to learn, hopefully a confidence booster, an adorable costume to come, and then the performances!!! :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Silverwood Fun for Labor Day

We feel very lucky to be able to go to Silverwood as much as we do! Usually when we go Labor Day weekend it is at least the 4th time going! :) This year the kids and I went Sunday afternoon to stay with Grandma and Grandpa K over night in their trailer at the Silverwood campgrounds. Jon stayed behind since he wasn't feeling well and met us there on Monday with Grandma Watson, Auntie Rose, and Audriana. Here are pics from our Silverwood fun~
Out of all the times that we have been to Silverwood we never knew they had a cute little rock mine for the kids by the train roller coaster. While the kids were playing in the play area there, Grandpa decided to take a look in what he thought was just a little gift shop and found the mine! :) It is a little man made cave where they put shiny rocks in the dirt for the kids to sift through and find.

The kids get this little bag to fill up with as many rocks as they can. I think it was only 2.50?

Grandpa K gave Benson his first taste of ice cream! He loved it!!! :)

Kambria wanted to model some of the cool hats at The General Store. This one is a Tinker Bell hat~

I think this is just the cutest baby boy ever!!! :)

Eli LOVES the train roller coaster!!!

Kambria and Audriana love it too!

This is one of Kambria's favorite rides!! Eli got to go on it for the first time and loved it too!!!

Kambria tried riding the big roller coasters for the first time last year and thought they were too scary, she wanted to try them again when she got "bigger". So we talked her into trying it again this year but ended up with the same result. Oh well, I am sure she will love going on them within the next few years! :)

...the kids watching Jon and Rosalyn on Aftershock

This is another one of Kambria's favorite rides! She is sitting next to Daddy, you just can't see her. I think they went on this ride at least 4 times! :)

I shared my ice cream cone with Eli :)

Kambria and her BLUE tongue from her cotton candy ice cream :)

What a great big sister!!!

Well that's it for Silverwood this year, but I know we will have more adventures there next year! :) Although Jon and I are planning on going to "Scarywood" in October so stay tuned for that scary post later! :)

A little more Randomness

Rhiannon and I bought these onesies for Baby George and Benson. So because we are "cool" mom's we had them wear them both wear them to church. :)
"If you think I'm handsome, you should see my daddy"

We heard that a semi was stopping in Post Falls that was hauling an actual steel beam from the World Trade Center, so we decided to track it down the night before it was scheduled to leave. It was parked outside of a popular biker bar, but the spirit was definitely there. We will "Never Forget"!

Spokane SHOCK

We were able to get tickets to the Arena Football league's Championship game! It was Spokane's first season in the AFL, instead of the AF2, and they were fighting for a great title once again!!!! We took Kambria with us and had the boys go to Grandma's. It was a Blast and was such a Great game!!!! Go Shock!!!! :)

We are the Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got to go down on the field! Kambria loved all the confetti!

We got a few autographs from the players too!

Kambria scooping up the confetti to take some home!

We loved the 2 games we went to and are hoping to go to even more next season!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kambria turned 6!!!

Kambria's birthday was August 19th, but I am just now finally blogging about it! We can't believe our little girl is 6 now!!! She has grown to be a beautiful and sweet girl and we are very proud of her! It has kind of become tradition that we go downtown to have a girls day and get our hair cut from my cousin Rachel at the salon she works at. Usually my mom is with us, but she had to work this year so we decided it would be fun to invite some friends of ours! Anissa is in Kambria's class at church and they became instant friends, her mom Dana is also a friend of mine from church. Kambria's favorite restaurant is also mine, so when she wanted to go to The Olive Garden for lunch I was definitely okay with it! :) She loves their homemade mac and cheese! We even got to eat outside, it was a beautiful day!!!

After lunch, I went to my hair appointment first while Dana took the girls across the street to Riverfront Park to play in the fountain.

Kambria got her hair done after me. Rachel always puts sparkles in her hair, she loves it!!!!

Kambria and Anissa had fun chasing the geese back into the water, it was funny! Anissa was really into it and was hilarious! :)

There was a clown making balloon animals and flowers by the fountain. He had already made the flower hat that Kambria has on, he thought it would be perfect for the birthday girl!!! :)

Anissa made her flower into a hat too! :) Here they are after they rode the dragon roller coaster! One of my favorites when I was little!!!

That evening we went to Five Mile Heights Pizza Parlor (again) for her birthday. It was her pick, we had her birthday there last year and Eli's 2nd birthday there too! :) Audriana also had her birthday there this last year; I guess it has always been a popular place! I used to go there after sports games when I was younger, I think I went there for a few birthday parties too! The statue that they wanted their picture with is the same one that Kambria was horrified of when she was 1!

2 of the cutest little boys at the birthday party sportn' the birthday hats!!!!
Baby George and Benson

I think Eli liked the cake!!! :)

They have a ball pit there that is always the hit of the party! Hello static! LOL!!!

Kaden and Eli

Madeleine and Kaden jumping in!

Kambria had a great day, she said it was one of her "favorite days of her life"! :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Random Summer Fun!

I got so far behind on posting about our summer adventures! So I decided to just make one post and make collages of pictures from our fun times!

We went and spent some time with Grandma and Grandpa K while they were staying at Blackwell Island right off of Lake Coeur d' Alene.

....while we were there, Benson put his feet in the water for the first time! I don't think he like it very much! :)

We spent some time with Grandma Watson before she left on her vacation to Florida!

Another fun trip to Silverwood with Grandma and Grandpa K, Uncle Brandon and Kaden! :)

We enjoyed Hillyard days! They even had a parade with lots of candy and.......

.....fireworks!!!! :) Even Benson loved watching them!

That's right.....Another trip to Silverwood! :) This time it was with Daddy's work; Audriana and Grandma K. joined us too!!!! :)

We have had a fun and busy summer!!! It always flies by so fast!!!!!