Monday, April 4, 2011

St Patrick's Fun

On the Saturday before St. Patrick's Day Spokane throws a parade downtown. To be honest, it is fun in the beginning but then becomes long and boring. We enjoy going to it anyway, especially since by that time of year we are itching to get outside for fun activities! :) This year was especially that way since we have all be sick so much this winter and we aren't used to that! In Fact, the weekend of the parade was at the tail end of a whole line of sickness that went through our house, so it was nice to get outside for some fresh air! Kambria and Kaden watching a funny little boat drive along the street :)

and Eli with Grandma K, eating some of the candy they got from parade participants

St.Patrick's Day

Jon was out of town, so Rhiannon and the kids stayed for a yummy, GREEN dinner! :)
~Green pasta Alfredo with chicken, broccoli, and garlic toast with Green garlic butter! :)

Yummy dessert! Green (white) chocolate pudding

For school, Kambria and Daddy built a Leprechaun trap. They had fun putting it together and Kambria did a great job presenting it to her class! They didn't catch the Leprechaun, but he left little footprints inside of it! It was a narrow escape!