Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I found our wedding video!!!

My cousin's husband made a wedding video for us and I didn't know where it was, until Sunday! I found it at my parent's house! I just thought I would share! :)

It was a wonderful, yet busy day. We were married in Richland, WA in the LDS Columbia River Temple in the morning and had our reception that night at one of the church buildings in Spokane. It was so windy in Richland that day, there were 40 mph gusts! It made for some funny, interesting, and cool pictures outside the temple! :) I am wearing my mom's weading dress! We had it altered a little, but it was so neat to have that opportunity! I love Jon so much and am so grateful to have such a loyal, loving, and hardworking husband. He is an amazing Daddy too!!! I can't believe this was already almost 7 years ago!
~April 13th, 2002

Monday, November 24, 2008

A day at the Ranch

A week ago Saturday the kids and I went with Jon to the Ranch that he has been working on. They have accomplished so much since the last time I was out there, it looks great! They put up all the fencing you see, plus totally fixed up the Ranch hand's house and the guest house (the white houses on the left). They are also fixing up the barn you see on the right too.
Anyway.....we decided it would be fun to go out there to see the horses and cows and to visit with the Ranch hand's wife Kristen and his daughter Riley. They are so awesome! The girls were excited to see and pet the horses and they had a lot of fun playing in Riley's room too while Kristen and I visited for a few hours! It turned out to be a fun and beautiful day!

Kambria and Audrianna running down to see the horses.

Kristen told me the horses names that were in the pictures that I have, but I don't remember them. They were so sweet though and totally loved us petting them!

Eli slept the first hour we were there, so this is me getting a picture of him with one of the horses :)
Audrianna and Kambria had fun standing on the fence to watch the cow.......who just stared at us the whole time! :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Eli and our Cat

Princess loves Eli! She lets him pet her and even pull on her on occasion. Here are some pictures of her always wanting to be near him. She is the sweetest cat and so great with kids!

This is the little shelving unit I use for some of Eli's clothes(which is falling apart). I went to get pajamas for Eli and this is what I found! :)
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Daddy Time

This is Jon's ritual with Kambria, but now Eli gets in on it too when he's not being cranky :)

I am so blessed!
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Eli's 2nd haircut and isn't he handsome!

I gave Eli his second hair cut a couple weeks ago. It was getting a little long again and with his cradle cap I decided it would be a lot easier to put cream on his scalp with his hair out of the way. He now has a little boy haircut and he looks so handsome!!! He is getting so big! I know I always say that, but I am always thinking it!

Eli before.....
and about an hour after......so tired!
Here he is the next morning standing against the toy bin and having fun pulling them out!

My silly boy!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chuck E Cheese Birthday!

I decided to do one more catch up post! :)

A little girl that I babysit sometimes had her birthday party at Chuck E Cheese right before Halloween. I got some cute pics so I thought I would share!

Kambria and Danielle(the birthday girl!) Danielle turned 3!!!
Kambria blowing her party blower at me :)
Kambria and Danielle playing with the blue screen and watching themselves on the tv screen

Eli got in on the blue screen action too! And he is showing off his standing skills!
This was Eli's first time actually being able to play at Chuck E Cheese! He is getting so big!

Friday, November 7, 2008


About a week ago I took this picture after hearing Eli whining but not finding him right away. Here he is under the table STUCK in the bottom of the chair! Of course I had to grab my camera, take a picture, and laugh a little before I helped him out. LOL!!! He still climbs through the chairs but doesn't get himself stuck anymore. :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

More Fall Fun!

I think this is my last catch up post!!!
About a month ago when the leaves first started falling off our tree in our backyard I took these pics of Kambria, Audrianna, and Madeleine. I LOVE THE COLORS OF FALL!!!!!!!!

Madeleine was starting to get really tired as shown in the picture below! Nap time!!!

While taking the pictures of the girls, Eli was taking a nap. He woke up right before we were going to go inside, so I had to take some of him too! I love his little Coug (WSU) jacket I found at Other Mothers!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween brought out the Monkey in Eli and the Princess in Kambria

We started Halloween out by taking Kambria, Eli, and my niece Audrianna trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.

Kambria was the most beautiful Cinderella I have ever seen!!!!

Cinderella(Kambria) and Snow White(Audrianna) -Audrianna used Kambria's Snow White costume from 2 years ago. They were two beautiful princess'!

Eli was the cutest little monkey I have ever seen!!! Even cuter than Curious George!

After trick-or-treating we took Audrianna and my sister in-law home and met up with my parent's, Brandon, and Kaden

Kaden's costume was a reversible Spiderman (good spiderman-red and blue, and bad spiderman-black) He decided that he was the bad Spiderman. Look at those strong Spiderman muscles!!!
He's cuter without the mask!!!!!
For the last couple years we have gone to "Real Life Church" in Post Falls where they have a huge Halloween Party. There are tons of games and candy for the kids and everything is free!

What is Eli going to get into??? The candy wraper on the floor...or............

.......HIS SISTER'S CANDY!!!!!!:)

I wanted a picture of Kambria and Kaden together, but Kaden didn't want his picture taken at that point. Grandma is trying to get him to smile! :)

My Mom, Dad, and Jon waiting with Kambria and Kaden in the middle of the gym floor for the rest of the candy to be thrown in the middle and everyone to go for it! :) (kind of like an easter egg hunt without the eggs)

---notice my Dad wearing shorts! His rule is that he doesn't wear pants until November...only shorts!! :)

We had a pretty fun Halloween this year! I forgot to have a picture taken with me in it......I was a cowgirl, just as I am almost every Halloween! Maybe next year I will get more creative! :)

Halloween = Pumpkins

I still have a couple more catch up posts to do, but I figured I would at least post about Halloween since it is over and Thanksgiving is on its way!

Last Tuesday the kids and I went to my parent's house for our annual pumpkin carving and pizza night. Jon had a meeting and wasn't able to make it this year. It has been even more fun the last couple years since the kids are starting to get older and more into it!

mmmmm..........pumpkin goop!
The pumpkin eats up almost all of Kaden's arm! :)

My mom thought it would be fun to see if Eli likes pumpkin....raw.....the way this picture looks he doesn't look like he likes it, but he seemed to like it while he was licking/sucking on the scraper!

Eli's first pumpkin!

Kaden helped Grandpa K. poke the holes for the outline of the stencil

Kambria watching while I play "connect the dots" with the little carving knife

Our pumpkin masterpieces!.......

......and glowing in the dark^On each end is mine and my Dad's (I did a castle/mansion and my Dad did a silly pumpkin face)

The kids' pumpkins: Eli's basic pumpkin face, Kaden's skeleton, and Kambria's "Queen Crown"