Thursday, January 29, 2009

Eli's cake preview!

I gave Eli his own plate of cake for the first time at Kaden's birthday party. I guess it is a preview for what it will be like in a month for his own birthday!.......only he will have more frosting with his own cake so I'm sure it will be a little messier, but that's the best part!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Kaden!

My nephew Kaden just had his 4th birthday! Him and Kambria are 5 months apart and are as close as two cousins can be! Here are some pictures from his little party at Grandma and Grandpa K's~

I didn't have any boy birthday wrapping paper left, so I used Christmas wrapping paper inside out and had Kambria color all over it! :)
This is the warm double fleece blanket I made him. I have been making those a lot lately, they're the best!!!!

Esther and Danielle are good friends of ours. I also babysit Danielle sometimes.
Eli going through his first party bag! :)
You can't see them in the picture, but there is a balloon tied to each of the party bags.
It was a fun little party! We love you Kaden!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Family Day~Ice Skating

Two Saturdays ago we decided to have a family day. That meant Jon didn't work and we didn't have anyone else with us, just our little family. :) It was so much fun!! We decided to go downtown and take Kambria ice skating for the first time. She was so excited!!! It was just her and Daddy; I stayed off the ice with Eli. I think next time we will have Eli go to Grandma's so Mommy and Daddy can skate with her.

After Kambria decided she was done, Daddy went around a few more times by himself so he could go faster. You can't tell in this picture, but Eli got so excited when he saw Daddy on the other side of the glass, it was so cute!
After we were done at The Ice Palace we walked across Riverfront Park to Riverpark Square for some hot chocolate and to look around. We want to try and do this at least once a month. I have the best little family!!!

Bath Time and blackmail pics!!!

Eli loves taking baths!!!

I have a super cute picture of him standing up in the bath, but you can see his little "peter" in it and I didn't know if it would be appropriate to post on here even though he is a baby.

January picture catch up

I finally got my pictures from January onto the computer!!!

I didn't blog about New years because I wanted to wait until I got the pictures from it onto the computer.....I didn't think it would take this long!!! New Years eve didn't turn out at all how we planned it! We decided to stay home this year since we have the paper route and had to wake up really early the next morning. So we invited our best friends over (George, Rhiannon, and Madeleine) for some yummy food and games and we would watch the other New Years festivities on the tv. I did a little decorating and got the food ready, even displayed it nicely as you can see in the next couple pics. But.......neither Jon or I got to take a nap before hand since we had been up since 3:00 am that morning so after eating pizza and salad and watching part of a movie we both ended up falling asleep, along with Kambria and Eli. Needless to say, Rhiannon woke me up around 12:30 before they were about to leave. I felt soooooo bad!!!!! Luckily they are such awesome friends and they were planning on having a relaxing new years anyway that they said they didn't mind and that they understood why we were party poopers and fell asleep. Sorry again guys! :) I woke Jon up so we could go to bed, but before we did we decided to at least have a new years toast(with cranberry-apple juice) and a new years kiss. Happy New Year to a "gettn' older, paper routn', tired couple" eh!

~bad self portrait!!!
Also before we could get to bed, Eli woke up and decided to join our little festivities.

The next couple pictures are of Kambria New Years morning celebrating in her own way since she just slept all night.

Eli Loves To Climb!
Here he is climbing the couch as he likes to do daily! I have to watch him though because he will try and go over the arm of the couch since there are toys back there in that corner! :)

He was all the way up on the ledge of the refrigerator at one point, but I couldn't grab my camera fast enough to catch it.

Here is Jon shoveling off our roof and breaking our ice dams as he had been doing everyday for the week or two before on tons of other houses!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Why does everything happen in 3's????
First our dryer broke down......then our van......and now we are having problems with Jon's truck! At least the truck is still running, especially since we have the paper route, but I won't have a vehicle until we get our income tax return back in February and hopefully it will be a good one or I don't know what we will do!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Still waiting, but........

I'm still waiting for to come back up, but for the time being I decided to go with "delightfuldots" which is also a very cute blog background site! If you want to check it out go to:

Gotta have a cute background!!!! :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cutest Blog Update~PLEASE CHECK OUT

I tried to log onto again and actually got a site! There is a message stating this:

The Cutest Blog on the Block

We are sorry our site is back down:( We have been having problems with our old server..they told us it was back up. As you know, it has crashed again. Instead of having all the problems with our old server we are purchasing a dedicated server. With all the traffic from our WONDERFUL users this dedicated server will allow all of this traffic:) We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. We were told it may take up to a week to get everything transfered to the new server...we are hoping it will be sooner:)We would appreciate it if you could donate to TCBOTB. If everyone could even donated $1 it would help with the cost for the new server!!Thanks for your love and support! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!

Please Donate!

~I don't have much, as money is extremely tight, but I did my part and donated $1.00.
I know that many of you use this website to make your backgrounds fun! Please do your part too and help them continue to provide their awesome service! The donation goes through PayPal so it is safe. Thank you!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Does anyone know what is going on with When I tried to get onto the website a box popped up for me to enter my username and password, I don't remember creating one with them?????? I love their backgrounds! Whats going on?!!!!!

Eli Update

Since it has now been over a week since my last post I figured I better at least do an update.
Eli isn't walking yet, but will be anyday!!!! He will now let go of whatever he is standing against and holding on to, stand by himself, and then take about 2 1/2 to 3 steps before going down. One of these days he is just going to surprise us and take off! He also has started making an engine noise when he plays with his cars. He is getting so big and brings so many smiles and laughs to our home everyday!

Here he is with one of his new favorite foods~

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Blogging & Burned Mac and Cheese!

Am I becoming a Blog addict?
I had macaroni noodles cooking for Kambria and my niece Audriana. I figured while I was waiting for the noodles to get soft I would check a couple blogs. I first quickly checked my email and then got onto Blogspot. My cousin Misty had just posted pics of cute Jovie so I had to check them out! Right after I got done looking at them I was going to look at another blog.....when the smoke detectors went off! I FORGOT ABOUT THE MAC AND CHEESE AND THE KITCHEN AND DINING ROOM WERE FILLED WITH SMOKE! All I could say was......"HOLY CRAP!!!!!" The girls thought it was pretty funny! I had to start another box of mac and cheese......hopefully I won't burn this one too! LOL!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Day pics ~ Overloaded

Christmas day started at my parent's house where Santa had come over night! Kambria stayed the night there; while Jon, Eli, and I did the paper route (or at least tried..another story) and then we drove over there to take as much of a nap as we could before Kambria woke up. For a few months now Kambria decided that she wanted Santa to bring her a "Swimming doggy" (Rescue Pets swimming and walking dog). That is just what he brought her and she was so excited!

After going to Walla Walla the weekend after Thanksgiving and seeing how much Eli loved my cousin's son's big Tonka dump truck, he then knew what to have one of his elves make him! He was also very excited as you can see in the next few pics!

Mommy helping Eli open his first stocking.

Kambria digging into her stocking......which was overflowing!Kambria has been wanting a pink dog for a very long time and finally got one in her stocking!

She calls this her "Rock Star shirt.

Cutest boy ever on his first Christmas!!!

Into everything!!! There was so much stuff on the coffee table...including Grandma and Grandpa's coffee, he just wanted to get his little hands on it all!
Sittn' in his dump truck

When Kaden got there he had fun pushing Eli around!
Kambria and Kaden both got their first watches from Grandma and Grandpa. Kaden's a "Cars" watch and Kambria a Hannah Montana watch

Kambria was sooooo excited to get her Hannah Montana watch that she literally begged for when seeing it in the store a few weeks ago!

Daddy and Eli zonked out while we finished opening presents. We tried to keep Jon awake, but proved to be impossible.
Uncle Brandon trying to figure out Kaden's Spiderman Transformer that Kambria got him.

Yeah! He loved it! Not much of an expression in the pic though!

Kambria is so scared of the vacuum, but one of the things she asked for was her own vacuum. She said that she was going to help mommy. But a couple days later when I got ours out at home she started out next to me with hers, but once it started up she ran! LOL!

Kambria's first Cabbage Patch baby! Her name is Julia London. The sweet smell of the head brought back so many memories of my very own Penelope Ann!

This barn with all the animals and the tractor and farmer was a big hit! It was a great find that my mom got at Other Mother's! Great store!!!

Eli loved this John Deer Tractor set he got too!!!!

This is the John Deer Tractor blanket I made Eli! So soft and cozy!!!

Christmas evening went over to Jon's mom's house for presents and dinner.

This is Jon's cousin Theresa who just moved here from Alaska. She is super nice, I hope she decides to stay here, but she might be moving to Portland. She is due to have a baby boy in the beginning of February.

Love the bow on the head, a classic thing to do on Christmas!

Kambria got this Monkey from her Auntie Rose and cousin Audrianna. She has sooooo many stuffies, but she loves each and every one of them and gets so excited every time she gets a new one!
I don't have a picture of it, but her Grandma Watson got her a Hannah Montana radio with headphones that plays 3 or 4 of Hannah's songs. She absolutely loves it and plays with it all the time at home! Believe me......I don't know how many times I have now heard the parts of the songs that are on it!

This is the blanked I made for Rosalyn, I wish I would have made another one for myself too! Double fleece blankets are the best!!!!!

Kambria and I got in on the bow on the head action too!

We definitely had a great Christmas this year! The kid's made out with sooooo many presents we are going to have to donate some of the old ones!

The presents are not the most important thing though! It is knowing the true meaning of Christmas, the birth or our Savior, Jesus Christ and his pure perfect love for us! I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for sending him down here and in the most humble way, and knowing that he would suffer and die for us that we could receive one of the greatest gifts, that of the Atonement.