Wednesday, March 31, 2010

First day of Spring Family Fun

It isn't always so, but this year the first day of spring (which landed on a Saturday) was a beautiful day!!! So we decided to take advantage and make it a family day and have some fun!

We first had to get new tires for Jon's truck, not fun, but while waiting we went over to Subway to get an early lunch since we were all hungry! Kambria loves going to Subway, but it usually isn't Eli's favorite. We love that they have all their footlongs for 5 bucks right now, because that means we aren't limited, especially Jon because he loves to get the "spicy Italian". Usually I split part of my footlong with the kids but Eli usually doesn't eat a lot of his part, until this day! He didn't want any of mine, he wanted Daddy's! He is definitely his father's child when it comes to spicy food!! I don't do spicy and Kambria is even more sensitive to it than I am. But Eli has always loved spicy stuff! Once Daddy gave him a bite of his "spicy Italian" he wanted more and more and more! I guess whenever I go there with the kids I will have to get Eli his own kids size "spicy Italian". :)

After getting the truck back we went and bought a bike trailer so we can start doing more bike rides as a family. We headed home to get the bikes and our helmets and then drove over to Mission park to ride the trail from there to Riverfront park.

After a LONG ride, not just to Riverfront park, but through downtown and Browns Addition, we finally stopped at the park and let the kids play on the Wagon slide.

Heading back to the truck so we could get home and get ready for the 2 receptions we had to go to that night.

Kambria fell asleep on the way back to the truck. :)

The first reception we went to was at the Loof Carousel, so fun! The kids and Jon got to ride for free as many times as they wanted! I got to visit with friends that I worked with a couple years ago. Thanks Carmen for the fun reception and Congrats!

After having fun at the carousel it was off to our final wedding reception; which we barely made it too just as they were leaving since we spent so much time at the first one. But it turned out to be a fun day and a great day to welcome Spring!

St Patrick's Day Parade

We took the kids to the St Patrick's Day parade and met Grandma and Grandpa K and Uncle Brandon and Kaden down there too! It was a little cold but we always enjoy parades! This year it was a little long for me (almost 2 hours! oi!) but the kids enjoyed it and they got candy and green necklaces. :)

Grandma K and Eli watching the parade

I love this little boy! :)

Kaden brought "poppers"! Kambria and Kaden had fun throwing them on the ground to get them to pop, but Eli was having a blast stomping on them!

They were so excited to get candy! A couple times they would turn around and run toward me to show what they got!

"Look Mommy! Bubble Gum!!!!!"

I love the beauty of downtown Spokane! I usually take pics of this exact spot every year.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I tried to change the picture for our header and it is making it huge so it doesn't fit right! So I finally just took it a away! Anyone know what is causing this??????

Friday, March 26, 2010

Eli's 2 year and My Prego pics

My handsome little Eli!

He LOVES keys and phones!!!!

"You can't drive daddy's truck yet, bud!"

He did the same thing with his tongue in one of his 1 year pics too!

Growing up too fast!

I love this pic of Eli and Daddy!!!!

Our first family pic with Benson in it......he is hiding! :) (27 1/2 weeks along)

I love all the pics with Jon and I! :)

...with my new hair cut!

Love it!!!!!!! Eli knows where the baby is, but he doesn't know what is really coming!

Monday, March 22, 2010

A brand new style!

My mom, Kambria, and I decided to have a girls day downtown. My cousin Rachel was about to go on Maternity leave and we all needed our hair cut. So Kambria got to be out of school for the day, we dropped Eli off at his Grandma Poo's, and just us girls headed downtown for a little fun!

Here are before and after pics of our new hair styles! :)

After getting our hair done and going out to lunch, we decided to have a little fun on the carousel! Whoa I look like a big prego lady!!!! LOL

After a couple days of having my hair straight, I wanted to see what it would look like curly. I like it! I did take the pics a little soon though, after my hair completely dried and had some time to move, it added more volume and the curls have a more soft look to them. I still like it though! I need to take another pic of what my hair actually looks like curly after being out of the shower for more than a couple hours.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eli turned 2!

Eli had his 2nd birthday on February 25th. We decided on a "Cars" theme; here is my creative attempt at a cake! :)

We liked having Kambria's birthday at Five Mile Pizza Parlor, so we decided to do the same thing for Eli. The little cottage is cute to have a party in!
Eli wanted to go on the little merry-go-round what seemed like 100 times! :)

Jon decided to join the kids for the ride again (he did the same at Kambria's birthday). He is a kid at heart!

Eli didn't want to stop playing to have cake and open presents, so he wasn't real happy at first. :)

Eating the cake made things a little better!

Eli loved the Jack-in-the-box that Kambria picked out for him!

I forgot to take pics of the kids playing in the balls. :(
It turned out to be a fun little party with close friends and family! The best time to go is during the week too! There were hardly any people there, it was like we had the whole back, play area to ourselves! :)
I can't believe my little boy is 2! Time goes so fast! He may be a handful a lot of the time, but he has grown to be one of the silliest, cutest, and sweetest kids I know! We love you Eli! :)