Monday, March 30, 2009

Old Chrches

Our street has a lot of old churches on it and I love it! It totally adds character and history! This is St. Patricks Catholic church and school that is just kiddi corner from our house. When we got back from the paper route about a month ago this is what I saw and thought it was pretty! I tried taking it from a couple different settings on my camera, I'm not sure which one I like more......maybe the first one. :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Some tidbits about Kambria

Everything she likes is her "favorite"

She spanks my butt all the time because Daddy does it too!

She says "I love you" all the time and most of the time follows with a kiss on the cheek

She says "I love Eli" or "Eli loves me" at the same time one of them is giving the other a hug.....or Eli is tackling her :)
She absolutely loves hot chocolate

.........I know there are a couple more that I wanted to include but I can't think of them right now....I will try and add them later

Here are a couple random pictures I thought were cute~

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Last weekend's fun

There are a lot of pictures........I'm not very good at only picking a couple to share (that is why I don't scrapbook too:).
Despite the chilly day and the light rain, we went to the St. Patricks Day parade. I grew up going to parades so I have always liked going. This parade is usually fun at first but then gets a little long and boring.

Kambria and Audrianna were complaining about being cold until they started handing and throwing out a ton of candy! :)

I am obviously trying to take this next pic of Jon and I. I always try really hard not to scrunch my head back so my double chin isn't so emphasized!

Eli keeping Grandma K warm

Here is the Shadle Park High School Highlander band. I had to take this picture since I graduated from there and always loved that we had a bagpipe band! It is the only High School in this parade for that very reason! Go Highlanders!

My Mom gave Eli a blue sucker........

.....he loves suckers and was having fun with this one; pulling it in and out of his mouth! :)

After the parade we decided to take Kambria on the gondola since she hadn't been on the one at Riverfront Park.

The falls are always so beautiful!

Kambria and Audrianna always take the cutest pictures together! They are cousins becoming the best of friends!

This picture turned out blury but I still really like it!

Of course we had to ride the Loof Carosel since they had just reopened it for the season!

When we got out off the carosel it was raining. I really like this picture of Audrianna with one of Kambria'a umbrellas

After our fun filled day downtown, we had a Relief Society birthday dinner to go to at the church. The kids got to go into a room to watch a movie and make cute little Hawaiian necklaces, while the mom's and dad's got to enjoy a yummy dinner and an awesome Hula dance presentation by a really neat group! After the dinner some of the kids came into the cultrual hall to play with the other hawaiian things there and take pictures. Here is Kambria dressed up, cocanut bra and all! Our cute little Hula girl! :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eli's photo shoot

Here are the rest of my favorites(there are a lot!) from Eli's 1 year photo shoot! I brought my nephew Kaden along too for his 4 year pictures.

I LOVE this picture of the 3 of them! It totally shows their personalities!
Cousins and Best Friends!!!!
The boys.....Eli kept tackling Kaden! It was sooooo cute!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kambria can sleep anywhere!

Kambria is a very heavy sleeper and I think she can sleep just about anywhere!

Here are some pictures we have taken in the last couple weeks of where she decided to lay down and go to sleep for the night! LOL

note about the above pics: right after I took these she moved and fell off right into the toy corner and didn't wake up! LOL

.....another note: I thought I would add that we do pick her up and take her to her bed, we just had to have a laugh and take a couple pictures first! :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

SNOW AGAIN!!!!!!!!! we played in it!

Yup! It snowed again! Will it ever become spring???? We were all thinking the same thing last year at this time. Since "Mother Nature" decided to give us more snow, we decided to take the opportunity and play in it. Even with the "ton" of snow we got this year, the kids never really played in it. It was usually because they were sick or we didn't have time or they just didn't feel like it. Today was Eli's first time in the snow.....he didn't like it so much as you will see below. LOL......poor boy! :)

Kambria making a snow angel

Kambria helping Daddy shovel and Eli trying to crawl through the snow since he refused to walk!

And here is the poor little boy in the cold snow........I think he was a little tired too which contributed to the breakdown.