Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Boy!!!!!

I had an ultrasound on Wednesday and we were excited to find out that we are having another boy! Kambria was a little disappointed because she was really hoping to have a baby sister, but she is okay with it! Good thing since she doesn't really have a say in it! :) It will be great for Eli to have a little brother and a playmate!

His name will be Benson LaVerne Watson. The name comes from two of his Great Grandpa's. Benson is the middle name of Jon's Grandpa and LaVerne is the first name of my Grandpa.

We have known for a while that we would name our second boy after my Grandpa because he truly is the best in the world and Jon thinks so too! :) My Grandpa's name is LaVerne Harvey and I didn't want to use either of those for a first name, sorry Grandpa. :) So we started thinking of a first name that would go with LaVerne as the middle name. I asked Jon's mom one day what her dad's full name was and she said Glen B. He didn't like his middle name so he never used it. I went a little further and asked her if she knew what it actually was Benson. Well I really like it and so does Jon! So that was it......Benson LaVerne! Very fitting and not common just as I like it! :)

FYI~ we are not going to encourage the nickname "Ben"! So please don't call him that when he is born. Thanks! :) If he decides to go by that when he gets older then that will be his decision, but we will always know him as Benson.

Finally....our Christmas post!

It seems as though I have fallen into the group who now gets hooked on facebook and neglects blogger. So I decided I better post our Christmas pics before it turns into a month later! :)

The weekend before Christmas my dad and I have a tradition to go downtown, walk around, go to dinner, and usually go to a movie. I love it!!! :) This time before our little father/daughter date Jon and I took Kambria to Santa Express downtown so she could pick out our Christmas present and because it benefits the Venessa Behen Crisis Nursery. While waiting for her to come out my dad met us there.....and so did Santa! :)

A pic of the kids in front of the tree the Sunday before Christmas~

We spent Christmas morning at my parent's house. Eli was still half asleep so we didn't get a smile out of him right away, but you could tell he was so excited that Santa brought him a very cool tricycle!!! :)

With Kambria being in Kindergarten we get to start getting home/school made gifts from her! I love it!!! :)

A few weeks before Christmas she saw a picture of a Hannah Montana guitar somewhere and started asking for it. I told her it was probably to late since it was already so close to Christmas and we already purchased all of her gifts. It was so great! About a week before she started asking I had found one at Other Mothers (a children/Mother consignment store) and couldn't resist picking it up for her, especially for 5 bucks!!!!! :)

Christmas day was so beautiful! So Eli got to have fun riding his tricycle in Grandma and Grandpa's back yard!

I didn't get any pics of it, but my parent's bought us the Wii for Christmas! We love it and have had a lot of fun family time with it!!!!!

Another exciting thing is that we got to see Taylor and Micah (Brandon's ex-wife's kids) on Christmas! They have always been just like his own, especially Micah since he helped raise him from a baby. I guess his ex had a nice itch for a day and let him take them! :) So here is Micah, Taylor, Eli, Kaden, and Kambria all together! :)

In the afternoon we went to Jon's mom's house and had a good visit with his mom, sister, and niece.
Auntie Rose and Audriana got Kambria the Wizards of Waverly Place barbie she had been asking for! She was super excited! :)

It was a great Christmas this year, just as they usually are! :)