Friday, August 28, 2009

Kambria is a little school girl now!

Kambria was so excited for her first day of school, she just kept jumping up and down when I was trying to take her picture! :)

All she wanted was a rolling wouldn't think that it would have been as hard as it was to find one in the size she needed. We did find a pretty cute one though! She loves it!!!

Again.......SO EXCITED! :)

Daddy took a little time off work to take Kambria to school too! He is such a good Daddy!

Kambria found her name tag and place at a table. (the pic is dark because my flash is broken)

Madeleine and Audriana missed Kambria and were very excited to go get her! I bought Kambria the happy face balloon for completing her first day! Madeleine was happy to hold it for her! :)

Kambria had been crying when I picked her up. :( She said she cried 2 times, once because she missed me and the other time because she wanted to take home on of her teacher's many Beanie Babies she has lined against one long wall. I think she was very tired by that time! The balloon and flowers that Madeleine and Audriana picked for her cheered her up a little though.

Kambria wanted to walk to the library, which isn't too far from her school. So even though it was mid 90's outside I decided I would push the heavy stroller a little further since it was her first day of school and she really did do good!

....another dark pic......
Eli isn't big enough to go to school yet, but he sure is growing up so fast! Here is my big boy sitting at a table in the library looking at a book.
Despite the tears, Kambria really did enjoy her first day of Kindergarten! She really likes her teacher, she met some new friends, got to hear some fun stories, had lunch in the lunchroom, and got to have recess! She wants to keep going back! So I guess it was definitely a success! :)
We love you Kambria! We are so proud of you and are very excited for your new school adventures!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It has been 10 years! I getting old???

I have a few posts to catch up on from the last week and a half. This is the first....

I had my 10 year High School reunion Friday the 14th and Saturday the 15th. I can't believe it was 10 years ago in June that I graduated from Shadle Park High School! I didn't end up taking as many pics as I thought I would, but here are some that I did take:
This pic was taken at the "meet and greet" on Friday night. Me, Christy, and Adrienne. I have been friends with Christy since kindergarten and Adrienne and I played softball together in HS. It was so fun hanging out with these girls!

Saturday we went to Shadle and got to tour the newly remodeled High School. It was kind of cool to see what they have done and what the kids will be able to have now, but at the same time it was really disappointing to me because it looked nothing like our old High School. It is all just a memory now! I would have loved to go through the old commons area and sit on the benches, but you can't even tell where they used to be.
This is a pic from the back of the school from the park side.
After the tour we had a family picnic/bbq. It was fun to see everyone and their little families! So many cute kids!!! :)
Kambria was playing on the teeter totter with Kirsten's daughter Abby.

My little climber! :)

Eli playing with Rocky's son Nelson.
Kambria loves to be upside down!
Jon and I all dressed up for the semi-formal on Saturday night. It was pretty fun, but I wish there would have been dancing! It was basically just like the meet and greet the night before only we were all dressed up.
Thank you to all those who put the event together! It was fun and so nice to see all those who were able to come! :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Kambria's Birthday Fun!

We started Kambria's birthday fun on Wednesday by taking her, Eli, and Danielle (friend and little girl I babysit) to Riverfront park with Grandma K.

Eating cheeseburgers and fries....Yum!

The girls got to have fun on a couple rides

Then they got to enjoy a yummy snow cone on the very hot day!

Then to the fountain......
I decided not to change Eli because I knew he would love running toward it and away from it, but I knew he wouldn't get wet.

Danielle didn't get wet either, but Kambria sure did! :)

Just like last year we went to "cousin" Rachel's salon for a haircut!
This is Kambria posing for the camera! LOL! :) She is so cute!

Beautiful curls and sparkles!

My beautiful girl!!!

Time for the Carousel! :)
Poor horse looks like it is being choked! LOL!

Kambria and Danielle got to ride it twice and had so much fun!

Posing again! :)

They wanted to feed the goat. I caught this pic of Danielle, but I didn't get a very good pic of Kambria because she pulled her hand away too fast. :)

Mommy and Daughter :)

After leaving downtown, we went and picked up all the picnic/bbq stuff we needed at the house and headed to Franklin Park for Daddy, Grandpa K, Uncle Brandon, Kaden, and Danielle's mommy Esther to meet us there.

The kids had fun playing in the splash pad!

This was a cool feature! When you rub your hand on the top the water fountains in front of it come up out of the ground. Kaden had fun with it!

Eli ran in and out of the splash pad a few times, but he preferred playing on the toys.

After playing and having barbecued hot dogs it was time for cupcakes!
Kambria blew all 5 of her candles out!

Eli trying to clean up his mess. :) What a good little boy! :)

Kambria was excited to get this Princess Spa kit from Grandma K. It came with nail polish, nail and toe stickers, toe separators (for painting them), flip flops, and a sleeping mask. She had been asking for a sleeping mask, because Hannah Montana wears one, so it was pretty cool that it was included!

Hannah Montana sheets to put on her bunk bed when we get it set up this weekend!

We had her birthday party with other family and friends the next day so Grandma Watson would be able to come.
She wanted a Mickey Mouse/Hannah Montana themed party.....yes, both!
Here is my creativity to make her cake have both of them on it. I had to melt the frosting to make it so it didn't stick to the cake while spreading it, since I cut off the tops of each circle to make them flat.

We had her birthday party at Five Mile Heights Pizza Parlor. This is the little cottage room that we did her party in.

A kid at heart! Jon decided to join Eli on the little carousel. Its a good thing he didn't break it!

I don't even know how many times Eli rode on the little carousel! Between us and everyone else we probably fed that coin machine at least 5 bucks!

Kaden and Kambria playing air hockey. They were so cute!

I helped Eli hit the alligators on the nose.

Jon and Adrianna playing air hockey. They were funny!

Eli wanting on the little carousel AGAIN! :)

Yeah! Cake Time! (notice Kaden still covering his ears from everyone singing) LOL!

For the last year or so, every time we go to JC Penny's Kambria asks for this Webkinz purple Dragon. Thanks Grandma Watson for getting it for her!!!

Grandma Pooh, Auntie Adie, and Danielle all gave her $5 for turning 5! Fifteen bucks! She's rich! :)

All the kids had so much fun playing in the balls!!!

The adults all had fun watching them!

This was my final attempt at getting a pic of the kiddos! They were having too much fun to listen and get together.

Adrianna was pushed in and the kids all tackled her! :) It was hilarious! :)

Grandma Pooh helping Eli out; she was sitting on the outside of the net.

My brother pushed me in too! So I decided to take a photo opp. with my kiddos......after getting tackled too! :)

After everyone left, Grandpa K. let Kambria sit on his motorcycle with him! :)

Kambria had another GREAT Birthday! 2 days of FUN for my big girl who just turned 5! :)