Tuesday, February 8, 2011

So much Birthday Fun!

Saturday, January 29th was full of Birthday fun!!! We had 3 parties to go to, but only ended up making it to 2. The first was Baby George's 1st birthday party. (pics at the end of this post) The second, and the "funnest" party ever, was Kaden's 6th Birthday party. My brother Brandon reserved spots for us to have fun at "Sky High", a trampoline fun center!!! My Dad, Mom, and I were the only ones that didn't jump, everyone else had a blast jumping for an hour! Next time I will definitely join in on the fun, I was taking care of Benson this time. The 3 of us who didn't jump had a lot of fun watching everyone else though!

Eli was so excited that he didn't even wait for Daddy to go up to the trampoline with him!

Kambria and Jon

Kambria jumping in the children's section, she pretty much had it all to herself at that point! :)

They have an area where you can jump and flip into a pool of foam cubes! Everyone had a blast trying it out! This is a pic of Jon helping Eli out.

I wish I would have gotten some better pictures of Kaden! He was Awesome!!!


Brandon, from the side wall trampoline! :)

Grandpa sat with Benson while Grandma and I took pictures of everyone jumping into the foam pool. Such a happy cute boy!!!

We went to Brandon's girlfriend's house afterward for some pizza and cake

We bought Kaden a scooter. He got a Nerf set from Grandma and Grandpa, and an awesome bike from his Dad!

Baby George's birthday party was earlier in the day. :)

Happy 1st Birthday sweet boy!!!!

Kambria wanted to wear her cowgirl outfit to the party, she planned it days in advance! :) Here she is with Benson! She loves her baby brother so much! I can't believe he will be 8 months tomorrow!!!

A Loved Sick Mommy

The Bronchitis bug hit our house this past month and I got hit with it the worst!!! I am grateful it was me that got it the worst though and not Jon or the kids! Here is a picture Jon took one night when I guess the kids needed their Mommy! :)

A Snowy Spokane Winter

It is almost the middle of February, and I definitely have the "spring itch" and hope we don't get anymore snow that sticks and would Looooovvve for it to start warming up!!!! We have gotten our fair share of snow this year and have had some amazingly beautiful (yet freezing) days. Here are some pictures outside our house of the beauty and the fun this snowy season has brought. :)

Eli's New Teeth

Eli's 2 front teeth became very weak and pieces kept chipping off. In the beginning of January he had oral surgery to correct it and got "new teeth". The surgery went really well and he came out of it like a champ.....at least after crying for a short time as he "came back too". We are so happy to have his beautifully cute smile back!!! We love this kid!!!

Christmas in February??? :)

Okay....so I am a little late getting this post up!!! :) Most people would just forget about it and start on current stuff, but I really want to catch up! I LOVE Christmas time.

Our cute kids all dressed up for church and being good for Mommy while she takes pictures in front of the Christmas tree.

Sleeping Santa Baby

Kambria and Eli decided to try and pack themselves up to be wrapped!!! ;)

Christmas Day~ Benson opening his first Christmas present

Eli got a lot of "Cars" and "Toy Story" things

Kambria wanted a black poodle stuffy! Daddy, Grandma K, and I looked ALL OVER for one and finally found one the week of Christmas!!! Thanks Daddy!!!!

The Game "Jenga" became an inside joke between Rhiannon, Jon, and I about George. We Love you George!!! So we bought it for him for Christmas and had fun playing it!!! It got mighty high!!!

We had a GREAT Christmas this year!!! One of my favorite times of the Year!!! We are so blessed with such wonderful friends and family to share it with!!!