Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So Far Behind!!!

Wow! I am so far behind!!! I still have Fall stuff to post! I don't even know if I will try and catch up or if I will just do a few collages like I have done before??? hmmm......

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kraziness in the Kennel

Back in October! We went to Kraziness in the Kennel, a scrimmage and event to kick off the Gonzaga basketball season. This is the first year we have gone and definitely won't be the last! :)

We were the first to get the autographs of all the players and the kids got high fives! :)

Taking a pic on the bulldog outside of McCarthy Athletic Center

We took the kids to Coldstone Creamery afterward for some yummy ice cream! :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


There are at least 2 squirrels that live in our trees in our front yard. They LOVE to pester Missy and it is hilarious! :) She will sit and look up in the trees and run back and forth for hours! I finally decided to get pics and take a video of it about a month ago.

All we have to do is say "squirrel" (like in the movie up) and she will run back and forth between the trees, jumping up them, and whining! Oh how we love our dog! :)

I can't get the video to load! At least there are pictures! :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Valley Fest

We have always loved going to Valley Fest, but had to miss it last year. This year it was Sept. 25th.....since I am playing catch up again! :) Here are some pics from our fun day!

Uncle Brandon and Kaden met up with us there too! :) Benson loves his Uncle Brandon! :)

There was a gymnastics company that had a set up there that the kids could try out. Kambria flipped over the bar herself, but Eli needed a little help from Daddy. :)

Kaden completing his front flip off the trampoline. :)

They had a "night glow" with 2 hot air balloons! The kids thought it was pretty cool! We are hoping to take them to Walla Walla next year for the Balloon Stamped where they can see a ton of balloons lit up and take flight!

Afterwards we went to dinner and took the kids to the Valley Mall to play for a little bit :) I love our family days and the fun memories we are making for the kids!!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bike MS 2010

Due to funding and me just having a baby a few months prior, Jon rode alone to represent our team, Team Loretta Scott. George, Rhiannon, and I volunteered. It was still a great adventure and experience!!! Jon made friends as he normally does and ended up having a great group to ride with!!! :)
For those of you who don't know, Bike MS is a fundraiser put on every year by our local Multiple Sclerosis chapter. Our local ride is on the Trail of the Coeur d' Alenes and is absolutely beautiful!!!! It is a 150 mile bike ride broken up into 2 days of 75 miles, from Mullan, ID to Plummer, ID and the opposite on the second day. We will all be riding it next year, so if anyone wants to join our team let me know!!! :)

Jon getting ready to start the ride

Jon coming into the lunch stop on day 1

Leaving the Harrison rest stop onto the last leg of the ride

Rhiannon and I volunteered at the Harrison rest stop on day 1. It is a beautiful little town on Lake Coeur d' Alene!!!

George, Rhiannon, and I volunteered in Kellogg on day 2 letting the riders know to watch out for traffic while crossing the "busy" street. It wasn't raining when I took this pic, but it rained...no it poured most of the day!!! Thank goodness we had umbrellas!!! Poor Jon got soaked though as you will see!

Jon almost to the finish line!!! Soaked and tired!!!!

Here we all are after Jon was able to dry off and change! You did GREAT Jon and we are all proud of you!!!! We have a lot of fundraising, training, and a weight loss plan to accomplish before the ride next year!

Go Cougs!!!!!!!!

We got to go to the first home game for WSU Football this season!!! They played Montana State, we knew it would be a good game and would be one that they actually had a pretty good chance of winning! (sad, I know!) It did turn out just that way! It was a GREAT game; especially the second half and even more so, the last quarter!!! They won 23-22 as shown in the last picture. It was a beautiful day and a great day for a Football game!!!!

Eli dancing to the band during half time! :)

Cougs coming back onto the field after half time

Benson cheering with a little help from daddy! :)

Right before a Cougar touchdown!!!!

GO COUGS!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kambria started Dance classes!

We have been wanting to get Kambria into dance classes and finally did it starting in September! :) She is taking a tap/ballet combo class at Julies Competitive Edge. I grew up taking Dance classes and Julie used to be one of my teachers. So when I found out she had her own studio I knew where I wanted to take Kambria.
Kambria has been wanting tap shoes for the last couple years, so when she got them for her birthday and I told her she was going to start dance she was so excited!!!

Here she is on her first day, both in her tap shoes and her ballet shoes~

Eli loves watching! He even tries doing the steps sometimes. :)

They start off with tap and then change to their ballet slippers for the last 15 minutes of the class.

I am so excited for her to be in dance! A new and fun thing to learn, hopefully a confidence booster, an adorable costume to come, and then the performances!!! :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Silverwood Fun for Labor Day

We feel very lucky to be able to go to Silverwood as much as we do! Usually when we go Labor Day weekend it is at least the 4th time going! :) This year the kids and I went Sunday afternoon to stay with Grandma and Grandpa K over night in their trailer at the Silverwood campgrounds. Jon stayed behind since he wasn't feeling well and met us there on Monday with Grandma Watson, Auntie Rose, and Audriana. Here are pics from our Silverwood fun~
Out of all the times that we have been to Silverwood we never knew they had a cute little rock mine for the kids by the train roller coaster. While the kids were playing in the play area there, Grandpa decided to take a look in what he thought was just a little gift shop and found the mine! :) It is a little man made cave where they put shiny rocks in the dirt for the kids to sift through and find.

The kids get this little bag to fill up with as many rocks as they can. I think it was only 2.50?

Grandpa K gave Benson his first taste of ice cream! He loved it!!! :)

Kambria wanted to model some of the cool hats at The General Store. This one is a Tinker Bell hat~

I think this is just the cutest baby boy ever!!! :)

Eli LOVES the train roller coaster!!!

Kambria and Audriana love it too!

This is one of Kambria's favorite rides!! Eli got to go on it for the first time and loved it too!!!

Kambria tried riding the big roller coasters for the first time last year and thought they were too scary, she wanted to try them again when she got "bigger". So we talked her into trying it again this year but ended up with the same result. Oh well, I am sure she will love going on them within the next few years! :)

...the kids watching Jon and Rosalyn on Aftershock

This is another one of Kambria's favorite rides! She is sitting next to Daddy, you just can't see her. I think they went on this ride at least 4 times! :)

I shared my ice cream cone with Eli :)

Kambria and her BLUE tongue from her cotton candy ice cream :)

What a great big sister!!!

Well that's it for Silverwood this year, but I know we will have more adventures there next year! :) Although Jon and I are planning on going to "Scarywood" in October so stay tuned for that scary post later! :)