Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Miniture Golf

I have had free miniture golf passes to Bumpers for about 4 years now and finally decided that we needed to use them. They didn't have an expiration date on them so I figured they would probably still honor them; sure enough, they did!!! This was Kambria's second attempt at mini golf. The first time she didn't want us to show her how to putt at all, this time she was a little more willing, even though she still doesn't quite have it down. (but she is only 3, I don't expect her to be a pro! :)) She did actually hit it into the hole all by herself once! I was pretty proud of her!

Eli will have to wait a couple years for his turn to putt, but he was a very good spectator!!!
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Eli's new toy!

I found this excersaucer on Craigslist and Eli loves it!!!
He's getting so big! Pretty soon he will be ready for his Jumper! He loves to kick his legs when he is laying on his back, so I know he is going to have a blast once he can start jumping!!!
Kambria and Kaden watching morning cartoons on PBS and eating their cereal
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Jon's Birthday and sidewalk chalk

Jon's birthday was May 27th! Yes....I am still trying to catch up! Kambria and I decided to write on the walkway so he would see our "Happy Birthday" message when he got home from work. Eli was still sleeping after just getting home, so we decided to start on our Birthday art work! :)
Of course I did most of it, but Kambria had fun drawing pictures around the words for him!
The result!

I have a Great husband and Kambria and Eli have a Great Daddy!
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Friday, June 20, 2008

Memorial Day weekend...Part 2

After leaving Walla Walla we drove up to Silverwood, in Idaho. We usually stay with my parents for the whole weekend, camping across the street from the theme park, but this year we just went Sunday night into Monday. We stay in there I don't know if you can actually call it camping! :)

This is what I woke up to in the morning!!!! So Cute!!!! Jon was holding him up over the other side of the bed(table made into a bed) .

This is my Dad's chair!!! Everyone knows it! Infact he has the Mariners Ichiro headband hanging on it because it has Japanese writing on it and he says that it says: "Dad/Grandpa's chair - no-one else sits here!". So here is Eli in the morning telling Grandpa that "noooo......this is my chair now! Whatcha gonna do about it???!!!:) " I love the look on his know that is what he is thinking! :)

Kambria and I riding the carosel or as Kambria says "riding the horsies"

Kambria and Daddy riding the of her favorite rides other than the kiddy train roller coaster!

Eli and Kambria and her little monkey she won! The monkey is as big as "my little monkey" !

It was a full weekend, but we had a lot of fun and the kids did really good! :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Memorial Day weekend ~ part 1

Memorial Day weekend was jammed pack for us this year, but it was fun!
First.....Friday night we drove to Walla Walla for a small family reunion because some extended family members on my Grandpa's side came to visit. I was very excited because when I lived in Utah I got to see them all the time, but I hadn't seen them since I moved back 7 years ago. We had a lot of fun! Kambria had fun with Chip and Becky's two oldest kids, Jaydon and Brooklyn!

Kamren(Chip and Becky's youngest) and Eli hanging out together! They are 7 months apart.

Kambria and Brooklyn having fun in Grandma and Grandpa Great's back yard.

The beginning of my little soccer player......maybe????? :)

We had a big family lunch at Pioneer Park. Here is Jessica and Kambria on the swings. Kambria loves being with her cousin Jessica! :)

.......As for the second part of our fun filled weekend, I will post that next!
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

May continued.........Lilac Parade

Some may think it old fashioned, but we love our tradition of going to the Lilac "Armed Forces Torchlight" Parade every year!
We like to park and sit at the same spot and bbq out of the back of Jon's truck! My parents and Jon's mom join us too.....and the kids love it too, especially now that they are getting a little older.

Kaden and Kambria clapping with excitement and anticipation of the parade starting! :)

Eli's first "pre-ade" ~ as I used to call it! :)

Kambria and Kaden decided they both wanted to sit on Grandma K's lap......they love her so much!!!!

Eli didn't quite make it to the end!........Cute little guy!!!!!
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Friday, June 13, 2008

May Heat!

May brought some much needed warm weather!!! Kambria and a few of her friends enjoyed some yummy popcycles and running through the sprinkler! Try not to pay attention to my "desperetely needing to be painted" house!!!!! It has been pressure washed, but we will have to do it again and then layers of primer and paint!

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Another "catch up" post.......May arrives

For those of you who haven't checked our blog in a while there is another newer post with pics under this one.

Jon and Kambria decided to go and watch the bloomsday runners before church on the first sunday of May. They had fun, expecially since Jon taught Kambria to put her hand out so the runners could give her "five"!

Here is Eli in his cool new shades!!! He didn't like them very much at first!

I love this picture of Jon and Eli playing under his baby gym!!!!
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Thursday, June 5, 2008

At the end of April......................

Time to play catch up since I finally figured out how to make my computer let me post pics! So here it goes.......

Every year my dad buys us all tickets to the circus. It has become a fun family tradition, especially as the kids get older. Brandon was able to bring Taylor, Micah, and Kaden! That was exciting, it was nice to spend time with Taylor and Micah! Kambria had a blast! Here she is with her cotton candy mouth and her new cool wand!!!! She also got to ride an elephant, but the pictures turned out too dark.

Kambria and Eli hanging out on the grass on a nice spring Saturday! We were also blowing bubbles! Eli loves to watch them and Kambria loves to pop them! Gotta love bubbles!!!!

I love this picture of Kambria giving Eli a kiss! Eli's facial expression is priceless!!!!
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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Teresa!!!!!!

So in regards to the first post today, I didn't really try everything. After I made that post I remembered what Teresa had suggested and I hadn't tried it. So with no trouble at all everything went smoothly and I was able to post pics!!!!! The pictures that were posted through Picasa were the first four in the folder that I was in, so that is why I just chose those. Anyway......I am very excited!!!! Thanks again Teresa and!!!!!! I will try and do another post today.....but I might have to wait until tomorrow. See post below for pics!

Trial post.....Spokane River flood.....and Grandpa Great

Spokane River overflowed its banks over the Centenial Trail and onto Upriver drive. We took these pics before we left for Walla Walla on Memorial Day weekend.

Grandpa Great is a good snuggle spot for Eli!
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I wish my computer would let me post pics!!!!!

So still no pics! I have tried all your suggestions and a few other things and still nothing! When I do finally get to post pics there will probably be about 4 posts that I will have to make because of all the things we have done within the last few weeks.

I caught Eli's first laugh on video! But of course I can't post that either! :(

We went to the Lilac parade, Walla Walla for a mini family reunion, Silverwood, and just other random fun times. I have super cute pics I want to post! Please stay of these days.....hopefully soon....I will get it figured out!!!!

Eli was weighed and measured yesterday! He hasn't grown as much as I thought but he is still growing. He is now 14lbs 10 oz and 25 inches!