Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Our Memorial Day weekend was a little different this year. Normally we spend the whole weekend gone, from Friday night through Monday. But this year, because of our paper route, we cut it short to Sunday and Monday. We went to church on Sunday and then left right after to meet up with my parents at the RV park across the street from Silverwood. We usually do other things on Sundays and leave Silverwood for the other days. This year we decided to head up to Sandpoint and enjoy the beautiful day!

Eli loves to "drive"! Here he is driving Grandpa's truck.......he is a pretty lucky boy, because Grandpa K doesn't just let anyone drive it! :)

oooooooo.......dirt! :)

It was a nice day but the water was still really cold! Jon actually got all the way in a couple of times......he's crazy like that! :) Kambria got a lot further in than I thought she would too.

Eli loved walking up and down the little incline on the beach.

Kambria making a sand angel

After getting back to the trailer it was time to just hang out, eat dinner, and celebrate Jon's birthday with yummy cake and ice cream

We didn't have a candle so we improvised :)

Yeah! Silverwood on Monday! ........another family picture on the train

My mom and dad went to Silverwood on Saturday and saw this cowgirl hat that they knew they wanted to get for Kambria. She loves it! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa K! Eli got a cool airplane!

I love Eli's little Gonzaga outfit!

Eli's first time on the little train roller coaster!

Kambria, Jon, and I went on the bumper boats since it was warm out. Kambria and I got soaked because I got us stuck right under all the water sprayers.

We didn't bring any towels in so I let her use Eli's blanket.

Eli's first time on the elephants!

Kambria is now tall enough to ride most of the big rides with an adult. She wanted to ride one of the big roller coasters, so I took her on the least intense of the 4 (the corkscrew would jerk her around too much) the Timber Terror.

She was nervous!

This is her reaction afterward....... she said it was a little to scary but she would maybe try it again next time.....we'll see! :)

We had to get ice cream before we left because it is tradition and because it is so yummy! Eli kept biting instead of licking......his "freeze" face was priceless! :)

Jon wearing (standing behind) a big cowboy boot :)

We spent Saturday helping others and getting some of our yard work done and Sunday and Monday enjoying ourselves as a family. It turned out to be a good Memorial Day weekend!

In the dog house!

This is a new favorite hiding place for the kids! Missy is nice enough to share her house! :)


Eli loved his first corn on the cob! He ate it all the way down to the core (if that is what it is called in corn?)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A warm day, a hose, and a mud puddle

Last week when we finally had a warm day the kids and I spent a little over 5 hours outside! I spent almost the whole time weeding out our flower beds and doing other yard work while the kids played.

First the sprinkler was out.....

.....then Kambria and Madeleine decided to help me weed...... they wanted to just play with the hose, and from there a mud/grass puddle was created.......

Eli loves his car, he even makes the engine noises as he is turning the steering wheel! :) Cute Boy!

Eli's turn in the puddle!

More water for the puddle...

.......for cute feet to get dirty! :)

Thirsty! Who needs a cup when you have the hose! :)

Madeleine's cute "cheeeeese"

It was a beautiful day! The kids had fun and I got yard work done! Happy day! :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lilac Parade and a day in downtown Spokane (last weekend)

Still playing catch usual! :)
Last weekend was the Lilac Parade...or it is also called the Armed Forces Torchlight Parade. We go every year and for the last 3 years have sat in the same spot and bbq'd off of our tailgate. To get the parking spot and street spot that we want we have to go early and spend the day in downtown. It is always fun to make a day of it, especially when it is so nice outside! :) This time I had a class to be at for part of the day, so Jon and his mom took the kids and had fun and I met up with them a little later.

Audriana and Kambria got balloon animals......they were excited...but they really look like it don't they! :)

I love this pic Jon took of the girls climbing up the ladder on the red wagon slide!


Grandma Watson feeding the ducks with the kids

Yeah......Mommy's back! :)

Kambria got to take a picture with Deputy Craig Chamberlin....he is one of our "famous" Sheriff's deputies in Spokane

Yeah!!......noise makers!

Uncle Brandon and Eli

Waiting for the parade to start

It is a little hard to see, but this part of the parade is neat but sad. Family members walking with pictures/posters of our local fallen solders.

Ha! I caught you! Eli sitting in Kambria's chair and drinking her juice! What a good little brother! :)

Eli was dancing to the bands going by! He is so cute!

Kambria didn't quite make it to the usual! :)