Thursday, August 28, 2008

Finally....Kambria's 4th birthday "full/fun day" pictures!

Kambria's birthday started by us catching the the rain! Every time she sees a bus she asks if we can ride it, so I decided for her birthday we would ride the bus downtown to get her haircut and play.

Kambria, Kaden, Audrianna, Grandma K, and Eli all waiting for the bus.

Kambria was so excited to ride the bus! It was her first time riding it in Spokane, but second time ever.
"Cousin" Rachel (as she calls her :) giving Kambria her first hair cut! She did so good!
You can't really see them in the picture, but there are sparkles in her hair! It was cute and she loved them! Thanks Rach!
The back........she just got a trim, but it looked so much better all being one length now! We ate lunch at a fun little hot dog stand :)

We couldn't go downtown for her birthday and not have them ride the loof carousel!

Playing on the big red wagon slide at Riverfront Park

Eli wanted to go down the slide too! :)

Kaden chasing the geese!

Kambria's first time doing the monkey bars by herself!

We had her birthday party at Shadle Park. Here is her cake! I am pretty proud of it! I decided to make it this year to save money. She wanted a Dora I cleaned/soaked her bath toys and used them as you see here! I can actually be creative sometimes! But....notice her name squished toward the end?!.....I'm good at doing that!

She got a ton of fun presents! Thanks everyone!!! Here she is with one of her favorite presents from Grandma K....Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Pluto!

And here she is after falling asleep on the way home and me carrying her in while Daddy carried all her presents in! I think she had a very fun birthday!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

3rd time to Silverwood and 1 more to go!....Jon's turn for the Aftershock!

This was a couple weeks ago, but I just now finally got the pics on the computer! I know I have blogged about Silverwood a few times now, but each time has been a little different. Anyway.....during one of the extremely hot days, we decided to go hang out with our good friends George and Rhiannon and George's family. Thanks Mom and Dad for getting us in again! They stayed most of the time too, it was fun! There were a lot of pics from this trip too, but I didn't want to make this a very long post so I had to pick and choose.

Jon trying to teach Kambria how to swim :)
Jon taking Eli under one of the fun fountains!....Its a good thing he had that hat on or else I don't think he would have liked it so much.
Kambria got cold and really wasn't cold, but I think because she was so tired she thought she was cold.
Mommy, Eli, and Kambria waiting for Daddy to ride the "Aftershock" for the first time
Silverwood was very busy that day and they were having problems with the ride(comforting huh!) so we were waiting a long time!
The blur of the ride going around one of the loops at an insane speed!
Jon's reaction after the was to be expected! He had to ride it again rigth after that!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

6 months old and 2 teeth!

Eli is 6 months old today!!! Time just flies!!! And........he has 2 teeth! The first one was found 2 weeks ago and the other just last week. He had been cranky and at one point had a fever for 2 days, so it was just a matter of time. I took a picture of the 1st one, but I haven't been able to get him to let me open his mouth just right to take a pic of the second one. I will post the picture soon.
Also, I went up to Misty's today and got Kambria's 4 year and Eli's 6 month pics done! So stay tuned for those too!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Memories......Shadle Park High School Fastpitch Softball '99

I scanned these pics and wish I could have figured out how to zoom in more but this will have to do. I found these pics along with some others at my mom's house and thought it might be fun for my fellow '99 Shadle Fastpitch Softball players to see them too! To be honest....I really didn't play a whole lot....I wasn't a starter....but I was apart of the team and absalutely loved it!!! The season of '99 we placed 1st in districts, 2nd in regionals, and 7th in State! It was awesome! My memories with these girls, as well as other teammates and our awesome coaches will always be one of my most fun memories! Just thought I would share! :)
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Three of my cousins have a cute blog together and have decided to give away a super cute tutu that one of them (Misty) made! Check it out!! Anyone can enter!
The link is kind of hard to see but it is right


Kambria's 4th birthday was yesterday, August 19th.......I can't believe it has been 4 years already! She is my sunshine! She was my first realization of the pure unconditional love between a mother and her child. Jon and I both love her so much and thank Heavenly Father everyday for blessing us with her! She is a great big sister! She can make Eli laugh more than anyone!

I don't have any pictures of her when she was born on the computer, but I am going to try and scan some tomorrow and also get a disc made of her birthday pics from yesterday. stay tuned! :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Family Pictures!

Here are some of our family pictures we had taken a few weeks ago! Thanks Misty ( ) you always do an awesome job!

I love the way this one turned out, even though Jon isn't looking at the camera! It definitely shows Kaden's and my Dad's personalities! "Live long and prosper" Dad! :)

My Grandparent's joined us for the pictures too. We are so close to them!

4 Generation Pic!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Family Reunion Fun at Beautiful Wapato

My mom's side of the family has held an annual family reunion ever since I can remember. I don't remember one that wasn't fun! I love my extended family! This year we went to the same place we went last year. Wapato Lake, up by Lake Chelan. It is so beautiful up there! Wapato doesn't have the crystal clear waters as Chelan, but it definitely has its own beauty. It is small and serene! The camp sites that we have gotten the last two years are right on the shore. I love falling asleep at night to the sound of the water and the wind blowing through the trees; and it definitely got windy in the morning and at night! I took so many pictures, but here are some of my favorites~
Kambria and Eli hanging out in Eli's pack n'play

Eli needed a bath, so I washed him in the dish tub.....he didn't like that so much! :)

My grandma with her favorite great grandchild!.....well one of many favorites! :)
Jon throwing Missy in the water for a little swim
Missy practicing her "dogie paddle"
Now for the "shake off"!!!

Just like his daddy with the hat backwards! :)
We went out on the boat with my Uncle Wayne and Aunt Gwen, it was so much fun....and Jon even got to drive so Wayne could go tubing too. He had fun trying and FINALLY succeeding knocking him off by finally getting the tube to flip! Wayne got him back though as you will see in the next few pictures.

Jon flying across the water..........
................and now in the water (I wish I would have caught "biff" on camera!)
Kambria rode on a tube for the first time last year and loved it! So this year she was begging to go again. She wanted to ride by herself but of course she is too young for that here she is riding with Mommy. I enjoyed the ride too; there were some bumps/wakes that we went over that I had to hold her tight, but for the most part it was a relaxing and fun ride! Thanks Wayne and Gwen!

Here is Gwen (don't shoot me for posting this picture!) and Eli. He enjoyed his first boat ride so much that he fell asleep before we were done.

Kambria wanted to ride again! So here she is with Daddy!

A shot of the camp!
It was windy in the morning and at night, but during the day it was so calm the water was almost like glass! Sooooo beautiful!

We enjoyed the ducks too! And I'm sure they enjoyed us being there, Kambria and I loved feeding them!
Mommy duck and her two ducklings were regulars at our "bread buffet"

One of Kambria's favorite things about camping is the tent!

I love Eli's little tongue sticking out of his cute smile!
I love my Grandpa!!! He tried to get to know everyone in the camp ground....he's a talker! Here he is when we were packing up to leave chatting with some girls. (I know they're cute Grandpa and so are you....but I think you might be a little old!)
It was a fun and relaxing weekend! I have such an amazing family! We had fun hanging out and talking with my Aunt Nancy's family and it was so nice to see my 2nd cousin Gwen and her family (different Gwen from before). And I also have to say that I have the best Grandparents in the world! We love you guys!!!