Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Day at Riverfront Park....a couple weeks ago :)

Here is a day at Riverfront park with Grandma and Grandpa K~
Kambria loves to ride the Ferris wheel with Grandpa! They do it all the time at Silverwood, but Kambria was really excited to ride the one at Riverfront Park!

Eli and Kambria were having so much fun running down the hill!

We rode the train! I haven't ridden this train in YEARS!

Eli's first time on the carousel!

Kambria wanted a turn riding the tiger instead of the horses.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for a fun day! :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

What an Honor!

Late last week we were told that there would be a couple General Authorities coming to our ward on Sunday but we didn't know why. At first I thought maybe they would be splitting our ward since it has gotten so big, but I was really hoping that wasn't the case. Come to find out, our ward had been chosen to have Elder Perry from the 70 and our new General Sunday School President, Brother Richardson come visit our ward! Elder Perry spoke in sacrament meeting and Brother Richardson gave our Gospel Doctrine lesson. It was so awesome! I absolutely loved Brother Richardson's lesson and the way he gave it! He was so funny but very spiritual at the same time. We have a really good Sunday school teacher in our ward, but having him come and give the lesson yesterday was amazing!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Meeting Ali Vincent from the Biggest Loser

Ali Vincent, the first Female Biggest Loser, and her mom were at the Spokane Women's show. Since I am an avid Biggest Loser fan I had to go down and meet her! She is super nice and very talkative! It was awesome hearing her speak and we didn't know her mom was going to be there too! Betty Sue, Ali's mom, was so nice.....and so spunky! :) (Paula...she reminds us so much of you! :) I went with my best friend Rhiannon and her friend Corlyn. We had a lot of fun on our girls night! A mother definitely needs those every once in a while! :) We went to Azteca afterward and I actually ordered something healthy! I was so proud of myself since I have never consciously looked at the menu for something with as little calories as possible....but still tasty of course! I had a spinach enchilada.....YUMMMMMM!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter weekend in the Tri-Cities and Walla Walla...Picture Overload!

This is a LONG post with a ton of pics so I will try and leave my words short!:)

Easter weekend we went to the Tri-Cities and Walla Walla for my cousin's wedding/sealing and to celebrate Easter with my awesome extended family! It was a full but a very fun weekend! Here is what we did~

This is the first trip we have taken with Eli sitting in a front facing seat, so we thought it was really funny when he was pestering his sister by putting his foot on her! :) She just kept saying "ELI" and pushing his foot off....only to have him put it right back on and laugh! We enjoyed it for now, I'm sure it won't be so funny later! :)

Right before you get to the Tri-Cities there is a "Chocolate Factory" with some very yummy ice cream! I highly recommend stopping there for yummy chocolates, ice cream, or just some neat gifts or decorations!

After we left the "Chocolate Factory" Kambria decided she wanted to take some pictures too, so the next 3 are courtesy of her:

After we got to my Grandparent's house Kambria and Eli needed to run around after being cooped up in the truck for a few hours. I think Braden was excited to have some other kids to run around with too!

It was so cute, Braden was chasing Eli and he loved it, then he would turn around, push against his legs and tackle him. I think he thinks he's tough! :)

We got to the temple just before noon with just enough time to get the kids to the nursery and go inside for Chantal's endowment session and then the sealing right afterward. Thank you to all those who helped take care of the kiddos! :) The endowment session was awesome and it was even more fulfilling to have so many of my extended family members in there together! The sealing was so beautiful! It was amazing to be in the same sealing room where Jon and I were sealed 7 years before almost to the day!

This is my cousin Squire (the bride's brother) holding a beautiful bouquet! Doesn't he look pretty........oh, I mean handsome! lol :)

It was a little windy! But at least it wasn't as windy as it was when Jon and I were married; there were 40 mile per hour gusts then!

The happy bride and groom coming out of the temple.

While we were waiting for the rest of the pictures to get done, we went into the stake center for the luncheon. This next pic is also courtesy of Kambria ....I thought it was a really cute one of Eli! :)

Kambria and Eli playing with the basketball

Daddy helping Kambria do a "slam dunk" or lay up.......I think it was kind of in-between! :)

This is what Eli looks like when he wants something......this time, as usual it was......

FOOD! :)

After we left the Tri-Cites we went back to Walla Walla for the reception being held at Chantal's parent's house. It was beautiful! I love their property!
The trampoline was a big hit with the kids!

Toward the end of the reception they did an Easter egg hunt for the kids! :)

I had to take this picture because my cousin Katie HATES wedding lines! She vowed that she will never have one! Since she was one of the brides maids she had to stand there with a smile on her face anyway! Love ya Katie! BTW.....if you watched mine and Jon's wedding video you see her a couple times as my little bridesmaid when she was only 10! That is when she decided she hated lines! :) LOL

If Eli sees stairs or a piano he is like a magnet and goes right to them!

I love the Father Daughter dances! Here is Chantal and my Uncle Wayne.

Kambria and Eli, and the other kids, had fun with the bubbles!

Here are all the cousins who were there and there babies.......all in all, my Grandparents have 21 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren with another on the way. I have the most amazing extended family! It is such a blessing to be apart of the "Johnson" family!

Mommy, Daddy, and Eli dancing to our wedding song

Here is a blurry pic some of us cousins having a blast dancing

My mom and her sisters....from the left...Cindy, Nancy, my mom Michelle, Jamie(actually a cousin but more like a sister), and Brenda. Aren't they cute! :)

Cousin Love! ~from the left... Misty(holding Mae,Rachel's little girl), April, Sarah, Rachel, Me, and Emily.

Happy Easter! Kambria was so excited to see what the Easter Bunny brought in her basket she woke us up, at least it wasn't extremely early! She got Pinocchio, just what she has been wanting! Thanks Easter Bunny!

Yeah! A new slinky!

Braden and Kambria helped Eli discover what was in his basket.

mmmmmmm.......crackers and cheese!

Cute boy!

The Easter bunny brought them a bunny fan with a sucker inside the bottom. Once the other two kids showed him the sucker we couldn't get it away from him!

Eli picking up an Easter egg....notice the sucker still in his hand :)

My Grandma's backyard is so pretty! It was a perfect place to have a little egg hunt!

I think Kambria found most of the eggs! :)

My mom and a couple of her sisters gave my Grandma some beautiful Easter Lillies! Thank you Grandma so much for all you do for our family! We love you!!!

Beautiful girl in her Easter dress!

Eli was not in the picture taking mood after church...he was a little tired! So this is the only picture I got of the two of them together in their Easter outfits.

Tired boy!.....but still awful cute!!! :)

My handsome hubby trying to get Eli to sleep.

Me and my "3rd" cousins.....Sarah and Emily......aren't they so beautiful! They are also two of the sweetest women you would ever meet!

Our Easter family picture.....Eli still wasn't in the smiling mood

I had to take this picture of Katie! LOL We were all getting ready to leave. Love the socks with the dress shoes and sweats! :)
It was an awesome Easter weekend! What a wonderful way to celebrate our Savior Jesus Christ, his resurection, and the gift of the atonement that he has given us than to be with the most amazing family and to attend the Temple of the Lord! I am so grateful for the Gospel and to my Heavenly Father for allowing me to be apart of such an amazing family!
Wow! The End!