Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Birthday after the Yard Sale

We had a Yard Sale on my birthday, so afterward I wanted to do something nice and relaxing! My parent's had come over and kept us company for a little while toward the end of the Yard sale so they decided to join us too! I LOVE Plantes Ferry Park!!! It is beautiful and there is a really pretty walk down a path to the river! It is usually pretty busy during the day with people getting out of the river from tubing or rafting. But in the evening when we have gone it is always pretty quiet. My parents went and got Subway for us and even bought me a cake! We had a great little picnic and then enjoyed ourselves down by the water swimming and throwing/skipping rocks. Missy(our dog) even joined us and took a little swim too! :)

Kambria found a stick in the water for Missy to play fetch with :)
My mom and dad relaxing in their chairs by the water

This is where Benson was the whole time! Sleeping like a champ!

Benson's First Photo Shoot

My cousin Misty is a photographer and always does a great job with our pics! These are my favorites!!! Of course it was hard to choose, so this is most of the shoot! :)

4th of July at Riverfront Park

After Benson's blessing we went to my parent's house to visit with my Grandparent's for a bit and then we got things ready to head to Riverfront park to hang out and see the fireworks. We usually go to Coeur d' Alene for the fireworks and we love our tradition, but since the day landed on a Sunday this year and we had the blessing we decided to stay in town and check out what Riverfront Park had to offer. We were very happy with our decision! It was very relaxing and the fireworks were GREAT this year, the Best I have ever seen theirs!!! :) Jon's mom, sister, and niece met up with us too, but I didn't get any pics of them.

Grandpa K and Benson hangn' out!

I found these little infant sandals at the quarter sale at Other Mother's when I was pregnant! I thought they were so stinkn' cute!!! They didn't stay on his feet obviously, but I had to get a picture of them!!!!

Kambria LOVES her baby brother!!!! She is always wanting to hold him!

Grandma K brought "Fun Dip" candy! ....brings back memories!!!!

My 3 cute kids in their Red, White, and Blue! :)

Grandma K and Benson

Grandpa K tickling Kambria! :)

Jon, Kambria, Benson, and myself laying down and waiting for the fireworks

Grandma K bought Kambria, Eli, and Audriana light up toys

Taking a snooze waiting for the fireworks

Another great shot with my new camera and the cool firework mode!

Benson's Blessing Day

Benson LaVerne Watson was blessed on the Fourth of July! He was surrounded by great family and friends! We love this sweet little boy so much!

Grandma Great and Benson

Grandpa Great (LaVerne) who Benson gets his middle name from! We were so happy they were able to make it!!! :)

Those on my side of the family who was able to make it! We are so grateful!

Jon's side of the family who came :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Family Fun and Fireworks at Lake Rosevelt

The day before the 4th of July, Two Rivers Casino puts on a fireworks display above Lake Roosevelt. We were supposed to spend the day having fun with some of our friends, but after their car broke down, it became just a family day. We missed them, but we made the best of it and enjoyed ourselves!

Jon and Eli walking to the visitors center at Fort Spokane

Kambria coloring a picture of her own "Fort"

The finished product! She did great! And they displayed it on the wall with the other "Fort" drawings!

Solitary Confinement!

Kambria walking around a foundation from one of the old cellars.

Eli, Benson, and I walking around the old barn. I love old barns!!!

Kambria wanted me to read to her what the sign said about the old barn.

After Fort Spokane we headed down to the beach on Lake Roosevelt. It ended up being a really nice day! Not too hot or cold!

Benson trying to stay out of the sun!

Playing around while waiting for the fireworks to start! :)

I love my firework setting on our new camera!!!!