Monday, December 29, 2008

Snow Snow and more Snow!

I can't believe how much it has snowed and it is only the beginning of winter!!! I always want a white Christmas, but I think this is over-doing it a bit!!
Today we got 10 more inches!!! Yikes! I don't have updated pictures, but here are some from a week and a half ago.
Jon threw Missy in, you can see her head barely poking out of the snow!
I love this makes me laugh.....but I feel bad for her at the same time! :) She had no choice but to stick her butt in the snow to "take care of business"!

Here are the pictures I took on the paper route that I promised to post as soon as I got them. It is usually dark the whole paper route, but on this day we didn't get done until 8:00am so majority of the pics are in the daylight.

The bottom of my pant legs should not be this wide! There was at least a few inches of snow all the way around my ankles and the bottom of my legs and around my boots. My socks were soaked all the way down to my toes, which were frozen!!!!
As I said before, it snowed another 10 inches today! We'll see how the route goes in the morning!!! This morning I slipped twice and almost fell countless other times because of the ice, now there is snow over the ice! Wish us luck!........And Safety!!!

Before Christmas Catch-up

I finally have the pictures available on my computer from before Christmas. So to catch-up.....

We decorated our house with lights this year! I think Jon did a really good job! I especially like the lights around the tree trunks!

Here's Kambria and Madeleine playing with Jon's hat at the ward Christmas party. I just thought they looked so cute so I had to share!

And here's the Santa picture from the ward party~
We went and saw the Santa at Northtown too. I like that picture more, but I haven't been able to get it to work on the blog. Eli just stared at Santa the whole crying.

Here is our Christmas tree.......oh so pretty!
Too cute not to share! She loves Christmas time!

My Grandma's necklace

A few Sunday's ago I decided to get out my Grandma's pearl necklace since I hadn't worn it or even gotten it out in a very long time. My Dad's mom past away when I was only a little over a week old. She held on long enough to be able to see me, her baby boy's first baby. I know she was a wonderful woman, and even though I don't remember her, I feel a connection with her when I wear her necklace that she and my Grandpa wanted me to have.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I love Christmas time, it is my favorite time of the year! But it is always so busy! Just is my short and sweet Christmas post~

We hope everyone has a safe and very Merry Christmas!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

20 inches of snow + a paper route

I haven't blogged about it yet, but Jon and I have been doing a paper route for about 3 months. It is hard getting up in the early early morning, but it has been well worth it. The kids come with us and just sleep in the van.
I don't have pictures yet since I still don't have a USB cable. But I will just say that it was crazy....or should I say an adventure! What would normally take us about an hour took 3 hours! That was also including helping about 5 cars who were stuck in the snow who for some reason thought they would be able to get through the 20 inches of snow in a little car!!! We took the truck today! Thank goodness for 4 wheel drive! I don't know if we would have gotten through it otherwise even with the snow tires on the van. Our hats are off to those carriers who somehow did get through their routes with their little cars.....since there are quite a few just out of our district! I will hopefully have pictures within the next few days.

Monday, December 15, 2008

~My Little Elf Butt~

I love Eli's Christmas Pj's!!!

(for those of you who would notice....I vacuumed the night of these pics, we had just pulled out a bunch of our Christmas stuff and rearranged our living room for the tree to fit.) --just thought I would share :)
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Bringing home our Christmas Tree

We went back to Camden Ranch 2 Saturdays ago and cut down our Christmas tree! Here are some pics from our second trip there~

I forgot to bring Kambria's gloves and it was quite a bit colder than last time, so she wore mine.

You can't see him very well, but Eli is behind Jon in the backpack.

We ran into our good friends, the Simpson's. Here is a picture of Kambria and her friend Hailey.

Poor Eli....his hat kept going over his eyes.

Kambria putting the angel on the tree after putting the lights and beads on it. We got the tree on Saturday but didn't get to do anything with it until Sunday after church, it was a crazy busy weekend!

Trying different modes on my camera to get the best picture of the lights on the tree..... flash

Christmas cuteness!

I meant to post this a couple weeks ago but forgot. I have had my favorite of these pics up for a while though, so you got a preview!
Kambria was so excited to wear her Christmas dress but I made her wait until the Sunday after Thanksgiving. She has warn it every Sunday since and plans to up to Christmas! Eli looks so handsome in his little outfit too!!!
(Kambria has started doing this cheesy smile for pictures!)
Yeah! Both smiling and Kambria has her natural smile!

A lot of Eli's happiest moments and when he smiles the most is when he is standing up against something on his own! :)

Since I am the one who takes most of the pictures I don't get in them very often. I wanted a picture with the cutest kids in the world!!! ...Yes, I am bias!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

5 Cousins 8 Months 5 Babies

Yeah we were finally all together! I made a special trip to Walla Walla the day after Thanksgiving so we could get these pictures! Aren't they all so cute!!!
Top: Mae 13months(Rachel's) Mid Left: Clara 7months (Misty's) Mid Right: Jovie 11months (April's) Bottom Left: Eli 9months (my cute boy) Bottom Right: Daniel 10months (Teresa's)

Eli and Daniel, the only two boys. They are a month and a week apart.

The Mama's with the Babies!
From the left: Rachel and Mae, April and Jovie, Me and Eli, Misty and Clara, Teresa and Daniel.
(Misty, Rachel, and April are sisters)

We have the best Grandparents! Here they are with their newest of 15 great-grandchildren.

I can't put into words how much I love my Grandpa! I adore this picture of him and Eli!

Kambria or Hannah Montana?

Kambria's latest obsession has been Hannah Montana! She now has a pen that also plays one of her songs. Here's a video of her attempting to sing along to it and dance! Gotta love her!!! :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas trees at Camden Ranch

For the last couple years we have had a fake tree, so this year we decided to save out a little Christmas money to get a real one. (maybe a mistake since Eli will be all over it I'm sure!) I'm still excited to have a real one though!!! We have gone to Camden Ranch in the past to cut a fresh tree down, so this year when we got an invitation to go pre-select a tree we decided to take them up on that offer! Two weeks ago we went up there on a beautiful, but cold, Saturday and had a good time as a family. We also had our niece Audrianna since I watch her on Saturdays.
They have free hay rides to take you to some of the tree sections. This first picture is for you Grandpa! Gotta love John Deer!

I love this picture of Eli! Everything goes in the mouth! Here he is chewing on the backpack.

The Christmas trees look really small in this picture since we are walking down a hill.

It was a beautiful day, but it did cause the sun to be in our eyes at times! Kambria wanted her sunglasses....which I didn't have since summer is over. This is the tree we picked!

The boys! My cute boys!!!

And the girls!
We had fun! I'm sure there will be another post from when we go pick it up!