Thursday, July 14, 2011

Camping Fun!!!!

We have been wanting to go camping for the last couple years and finally decided to go, even just for 1 night. We drove to an area out by Power Lake where you don't have to pay for the campsites, it is just first come first serve. No power, water, or even toilets!!! It was true camping and we had a GREAT time, it was even a little relaxing at times. (which doesn't come easy with 3 kids!)

Eli loved collecting rocks in his dump truck and throw them out into the creek

Snack time! :) Setting up is hard work!

This is where Missy was most of the time! I am pretty sure there were some squirrels or birds, or both that were teasing her! If she wasn't sitting there staring at the tree then she was trying to climb it or jumping at it! :) LOL

Smores!!! Yummmmm!!!!!

Benson slept until almost 11 o'clock the next morning!!! I think the sound of the creek was comforting to him!

Benson got super dirty and Mommy let him!!!! He LOVED it!!!

Kambria spent a lot of time trying to catch the many beautiful butterflies flying around.

.....and she finally caught one!!!! She was so excited! Especially since they were just studying about them in school. :)

We are going to try and make this camping trip an annual thing. Although it was a lot of work preparing and unpacking for this 1 night camping trip, it was definitely worth it!!!!

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